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Hur du får elever att engagera sig i svåra problem

Entreprenöriellt lärande! Vi var väl både en och två pedagoger som förvånat och till och med ironiskt, höjde på ögonbrynen när begreppet entreprenöriellt lärande dök upp i läroplanen. Att det var närmast omöjligt att uttala var vi överens om men vad betydde det och hur skulle det märkas i undervisningen? Att inte alla elever i framtiden skulle bli egna företagare förstod vi nog och snart förstod vi också att det snarare handlade om ett sätt att närma sig kunskap. Att ta sig an kunskap på ett nyfiket, experimenterande och undersökande sätt. Eleverna skulle ges möjlighet att ta egna initiativ, pröva egna idéer och lösa problem.

När vi på Ärvingeskolan hörde talas om en tävling som skulle heta Next Up insåg vi att detta handlade om precis detta entreprenöriella lärande. Tävlingen Next Up är en IT-inspirerad aktivitet inom IT&Telekomföretagens VäljIT-initiativ, där eleverna i åk 8 får ta sig an ett verkligt case som presenteras av ett företag. Alla case är på något sätt relaterade till framtida användning av IT och eleverna ställs inför ett antal problem som de ska hitta lösningar på.

Som pedagog är det både intressant och inspirerande att se med vilket intresse och engagemang eleverna griper tag i dessa inte helt enkla problem. Livliga diskussioner om hur framtida sociala medier ska kunna leda till verkligt inflytande för ungdomar. Sökande efter kunskap om kognitiva system för att minska miljöpåverkan av skolmat. Plötsligt blir kunskapen något levande och verkligt. Att eleverna sedan också ska presentera sina lösningar för representanter för de aktuella företagen skapar naturligtvis en extra krydda till det hela. Kanske kommer flera av de deltagande eleverna om tio år brottas med liknande problem i sina yrken, men även om inte alla i framtiden kommer att syssla med IT har de i alla fall fått möta en del av verkligheten i sin skolvardag.

Roger Terner, SO-lärare och förstelärare, Ärvingeskolan








Leaving New Delhi


Our trip has come to an end. India is not a country, it is a continent. There are over 1 billion people living in this magnificent part of the world. 240 million people between 18-25 yrs old are currently unemployed in India. The entrepreneur thinking is blossoming in every corner in India something we need to learn from if we want Sweden to continue to grow. The smells, the food, the dust and above else people everywhere is something that I will carry with me for a long time. Now a new chapter is beginning, working together in an international exchange between New Delhi and Rinkeby, can’t wait to see where this will take us.

Women building a road in Deepalaya



Today we travelled about 6 miles north of Delhi up in the country on serpentine roads until we reached a school called Deepalaya. This is a school that holds up to 1000 students. It’s a boarding school for runaways, homeless and orphans.  It is a huge estate that also includes a hospital, opened to the villagers. They are looking for doctors to come work on a volunteer basis, so if you know anyone who would be interested let them know. We were greeted by the school orchestra and then taken on a tour into different classrooms. The students started early in the morning , they we awoke at 5.30 am doing their morning prayer and went to bed at ten with an hour of watching TV, maybe that is something we need to encourage our parents to take after.  We had a great lunch prepared in the school kitchen and afterwards we met a group of very inspiring women who were part of the microcredit system that started in Bangladesh and is helping women becoming more independent.  The women that we met were all Muslim women who had not been allowed outside their home before but through this microcredit were now the head of the household. Some of them told their own personal story and it just showed me how strong they were. I was deeply impressed and touched by their stories.  We all had brought gifts with us from Sweden to be handed out to the students. Things needed for schoolwork such as stationeries and papers. Mr. Matthew, founder of the school, his life work made me humble towards the work and the love for life and people especially children that he give every day.  I would gladly go back and volunteer a couple of weeks this summer.

Welcomed by the students

 Students classroom

Business Sweden


Today we went to Business Sweden and were given a presentation about what they do and how they help small, medium and large companies to establish their business in India.  Very interesting! I had no idea that there were that many companies working in India.  After that we went to a meeting at India University of Technology also very interesting to see how they work. They cooperate and have a lot of students coming from Africa and especially from Ethiopia. From there we had to get back into traffic we hosted a dinner party for our exchange schools. It was a huge success and we all enjoyed each other’s company.

Business Sweden

Dinner with our schools. Theachers from Rinekeby and Step By Step

Taj Mahal and Agra


Today we went to TAJ MAHAL and AGRA.  This trip meant 6 hours there and 5 hours back. The roads were not always in the condition that we are used to. For me personally this felt like real India, with elephants, monkeys and cows along the way. Once there it was breathtaking and very overwhelming. It is that trip you want to make at least once in your lifetime. I’m so happy and feel so fulfilled that I was able to do it and experience with people that I’m able to talk to every day. It’s unforgettable.

Taj Mahal


Step By Step


Visiting our school is on the agenda. I’m so excited and have been looking forward to this day. We get a taxi and are ready to go, unfortunately our driver speaks very little English and to top it off is not sure of the way. We eventually have to drive against traffic on a service road which is nerve wrecking to say the least. Finally we arrive and are given a grand tour with excited teachers. We also get a chance to sit down and speak with students from 6th, 8th and 11th grade. This meeting is fantastic. The school we went to visit and is going to co operate with is called Step By Step and has a bit over 1800 students from 3,5 yrs old up to 18. The school combines arts and crafts with regular subjects and is often theme based. The older students were doing their exams in the morning so we were not able to see their classrooms. The school has an over 400 teachers, 65 special needs teachers and assistants who help the teachers in the classroom with various things.  I feel excited to share our experience with teachers and students back home so everyone can get on board.  Our trip home was filled with joy from our day and the taxi driver now felt compelled to practice his English. We learned about his story too. He was 20 yrs old was the owner of two cars and worked 14hour shift and then slept in his car. This was a great day!

Music lesson at Step By Step



We went to see the temple Akshardam. If you never heard of it, you are probably not alone. Now this temple is huge and as I thought before entering it, very old but I was dead wrong, this temple and the surroundings were finished in 2006. It is a tourist place with about 8 million followers. Coming from Sweden, I think we mostly saw it as a gigantic amusement park. It’s put together by more than 7000 volunteers. It was an interesting experience.

Akshardam. You were not allowed to take pictures once on the premisies.

International exchange Rinkeby/New Dehli

Living in India must be challenging in many ways but it also lead up to that many people great entrepreneurs. It is not difficult to start up your small peddling business on the street. It does not include a lot of paperwork as I found out by talking to people with their own small business. This man had his own tea business.

Tea business
Tea business




International Rinkeby/ New Delhi

The Red Fort


Our bus finally arrived after what seemed ages. We were in old Delhi. Here we negotiated and finally got a satisfying price for a Rickshaw, a human taxi. My colleague and I were in luck, our driver spoke English. Mad traffic and lots of bumps in the road, helicopter massage our driver told us it was. He took us to the Red Fort which was magnificent.  We also saw from a distance the Shiva temple and the Buddha temple.

International exchange Rinkeby/ New Delhi

The bus picked us up in the morning and we  left for New Delhi. It was a bumpy ride. It was an amazing trip in many ways the things that you see as the bus isin motion. The planning of infrastructure seem at times to be nonexistent. They are building everywhere. Gurgaon is a relatively new city, an upcoming middle class area with poverty everywhere as well. The traffic is enormous and the jam is always present. It’s easy to get a drivers license in India and I can see that. The driving is a close call but it all seems to work. The speed limit is not high which in this case is beneficiary for everyone. I saw a sign that said “Lane driving is insane driving.”

Traffic jam all day long!