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International exchange Rinkeby/New Delhi

Step By Step


Visiting our school is on the agenda. I’m so excited and have been looking forward to this day. We get a taxi and are ready to go, unfortunately our driver speaks very little English and to top it off is not sure of the way. We eventually have to drive against traffic on a service road which is nerve wrecking to say the least. Finally we arrive and are given a grand tour with excited teachers. We also get a chance to sit down and speak with students from 6th, 8th and 11th grade. This meeting is fantastic. The school we went to visit and is going to co operate with is called Step By Step and has a bit over 1800 students from 3,5 yrs old up to 18. The school combines arts and crafts with regular subjects and is often theme based. The older students were doing their exams in the morning so we were not able to see their classrooms. The school has an over 400 teachers, 65 special needs teachers and assistants who help the teachers in the classroom with various things.  I feel excited to share our experience with teachers and students back home so everyone can get on board.  Our trip home was filled with joy from our day and the taxi driver now felt compelled to practice his English. We learned about his story too. He was 20 yrs old was the owner of two cars and worked 14hour shift and then slept in his car. This was a great day!

Music lesson at Step By Step



We went to see the temple Akshardam. If you never heard of it, you are probably not alone. Now this temple is huge and as I thought before entering it, very old but I was dead wrong, this temple and the surroundings were finished in 2006. It is a tourist place with about 8 million followers. Coming from Sweden, I think we mostly saw it as a gigantic amusement park. It’s put together by more than 7000 volunteers. It was an interesting experience.

Akshardam. You were not allowed to take pictures once on the premisies.