Föreläsning och workshop om språkutvecklande arbete

Den 21 november håller Mei Kuin Lai, skolforskare från Nya Zeeland, en föreläsning och workshop om: Improving literacy achievement in multicultural aMei Laind multilingual schools

Föreläsningen riktar sig till alla lärare på grundskolan med intresse för språk- och kunskapsutvecklande arbetssätt.

Tid: Den 21 november kl. 8.30-12.00.

Plats: Bolindersalen, Bolinders plan 1

Anmälan senast den 27 oktober: https://websurvey.textalk.se/start.php?ID=108129

About the lecture: Schools around the world are becoming culturally diverse, and students are increasingly multilingual. This creates new challenges for teachers who need to work with language development and literacy across all subjects. In this session, I will talk about how to combine classroom-based inquiry with effective literacy practices to meet the needs of diverse groups of students. This approach is based on a successful intervention in New Zealand that has improved reading achievement for culturally diverse students for over 15 years.  I will use examples from the intervention to illustrate the method and provide some tools that teachers can use in their own classrooms

Dr Mei Kuin Lai is an Associate Director of the Woolf Fisher Research Centre at the Faculty of Education, University of Auckland. She is passionate about research that makes a difference to teaching and learning. Along with the colleagues in the centre, she was the recipient of the University of Auckland Research Excellence Award (2015) for her work in developing and testing an intervention that has improved achievement over 15+ years and across diverse contexts (e.g., rural vs. urban). She presents and consults both locally and internationally, working with teachers, policy-makers and researchers. Her research focuses on designing effective interventions to overcome educational disparities, partnerships with schools and policy-makers, data discussions and practitioner research.



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